Friday, September 2, 2016

September Update

67 Days!

     We can choose to elect someone who has never held office or a candidate, Clinton, who has been part of the Royal Ruling Political Class for generations.  The choice, for me, is easy.  Not only will I be voting for Donald Trump, but I also am no longer a registered Republican.  I will never align myself with a political party in this country again.  I no longer believe that political parties are relevant.  Worse, they are dangerous to our liberty!  Both political parties have embraced policies that are in the interests of their special interest donors.  Both political parties are corrupt.

     The Clinton's take cash from just about anywhere.  Their so-called Charitable Foundation is nothing more than a cash laundering front.

     Republicans like Kasich are probably taking kick backs from nations like China in order for continued massive trade deficits that are draining our economy of cash and jobs.  Not a single so-called journalist was outraged when he mentioned how stoked he was about Communists building manufacturing plants in his home state of Ohio.  How much was he paid for that access?  How much did the Clinton Foundation get from countries like Saudi Arabia and China?  We know that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated all levels of our federal government.  China is buying up real estate and businesses all across our country.

     In the meanwhile, tens of millions of people have poured across our southern border in search for a better life or to do mischief.  These migrants come here with nothing and sometimes live in cardboard boxes in order to do work in agriculture, landscaping and construction.  If these people are willing to relocate illegally then why won't the poor in our ghettos get off their butts and migrate to where the work is?  The answer?  Our federal government welfare, food stamps and other programs keep them in place and voting for more hand outs!  

     Our federal government is led by 536 Political Royals who are owned by Special Interests, both foreign and domestic.  Only about 5% of these politicians are true lovers of liberty and the Constitution.  Making matters worse is that, at the state level, the governors and leaders are also either Republican or Democrat.  

     These two political parties are destroying this nation in every possible way.  Every single federal government department and agency has been used to attack our economy and harm it's citizens.  For example, anyone thinking of starting a business here must hire dozens of labor, environment and tax lawyers and consultants in order to ensure they are not violating some regulation or law.  It's no wonder our economy is crashing and that 63% of Americans are out of work!

     On the other hand, liberals whine about the case for $15, but complain about Trump's call for common sense and fair trade.  The liberals could care less that the Chinese Communists pay their workers slave wages so that we can enjoy the cheap products that they provide here in America.  What hypocrites!  Nearly $800 billion in trade deficits that mostly go to the Chinese Political Oligarchy for their families and to help build up their military!  $800 Billion in trade deficits that you can bet is being used to buy politicians on both sides of the aisle!  $800 billion that is being used to buy up American real estate, like the historic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego (look it up).

     I started to question the Republican Party way back when Daddy Bush issued his infamous "no new taxes" pledge.  Our federal government politicians are largely responsible for the cyclical market crashes, the housing crash,  and the collapse of the auto industry.  It is way past time for us to take back our country from the Political Ruling Royals!

     Lastly, Kristian Saucier, an ex-Navy submariner was recently placed in prison for having classified photographs he took on board the submarine.  He went to prison for destroying his electronic devices.  Yet Hillary Clinton is going to be held to a different standard under the law.  This is just more evidence of just how corrupt, how indifferent and how separated both parties have become from We the People.

     If not now, when?  If not now, probably never.  Start voting these corrupt Political Royals out of office.  I am starting by voting for Donald Trump this November.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

28 May 2016 Update

     Donald J. Trump has reached the 1237 threshold.  Ted Cruz and John Kasich have dropped out of the race.  The party remains pretty fractured at this point.  The Democrats are not in much better shape with Old Man Bernie splitting the Democratic vote and giving Hillary a good primary fight.

     The electorate voted not once, but twice, for a President who declared his loyalty to Marxism in his own writings.  Will 2016 be the year that the Silent Majority finally stands up and gets engaged in the mess that is Washington D.C. Party Politics?  The future of the United States as a Constitutional Republic is at stake.  The truth is that the States and the American people have ceded power to a cartel of Globalists in both Political Parties who stand for big government, open borders, and globalism.  John Kasich loves those communist Chinese who are building power plants in Ohio.  Jeb Bush loves big government Common Core and believes that open borders is an "act of love".  Is this what the Republican Party now stands for?  Sounds no different than the Democratic Platform.  The truth is that the only difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties is their stance on abortion. A great example of Republican capitulation was the recent renewal of the Import/Export Bank, a program that allows companies a free pass to invest anywhere in the world without fear of losing - all backed by the U.S. tax payer!  

     For those of you who still believe that the Republican Party stands for small government, secure borders and a strong military - Think Again!  Wrong!  The Republican Party has been moving left since Daddy Bush uttered his infamous "Read My Lips" pledge.  Eight years of Clinton and Baby Bush resulted in more big government control of various sectors of our economy (housing, investments, banks, and energy) all of which have had disastrous results.  They both failed to monitor the impact of the Fair Housing Act on Sub-Prime Mortgages, and the market crash of 2007 and failure of Fannie of Freddie are all government caused disasters that could have and should have been avoided.  

     Baby Bush invaded Iraq when it was clear that high ranking Saudis were directly involved in funding the 9/11 terrorists.  Baby was also responsible for the huge expansion of Medicare (closing the pharmaceutical donut hole).  John McCain opposed tax cuts, he was no conservative either.

    It was about 2006 when I finally realized that the Republican Party was no longer the party of Ronald Reagan who espoused that government be small.  At this point I stopped donating to the Republican National Committee.  In 2008, I supported Ron Paul over John McCain.  There was absolutely no redeeming qualities in John McCain who also supported invading Iraq.  In later years he has supported terrorists in Syria (ISIS) in their push to overthrow Assad.  If you haven't figured it out yet, the NEOCONs remained firm and steadfast in their opposition to Russia and some strange desire to continue to the Cold War.  Job Accomplished!  Russia is aligned with Shiite Iran, and the United States, for whatever reason, is aligned with Sunni Saudi Arabia and other Sunni dictators. The government has made a huge mess out of the middle east.  Turns out Ron Paul was 100% right.

     In 2012, the Republicans championed another false conservative for the Presidency, Mittens Romney. Romney's claim to fame was the establishment of mandatory health care coverage (Ronmey-Care) in his home state of Massachusetts.  Romney has never been a conservative.  He should be ashamed of himself to characterize himself as one.  Once again, in 2012, I supported Ron Paul's candidacy and the despised Establishment made moves to marginalize Ron Paul so as to keep him from even speaking at the Republican Convention.  Romney had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  He was the Loser to the Loser of the 2008 election.  It made absolutely no sense for the Republican Party to coronate this loser as their champion.  Not only a loser of elections, but a man who made his wealth at Bain Capital where he obtained wealth through leveraged buyouts of companies and putting a lot of people out of work.

In 2014 the American People, so sick of Obama's tyranny and unconstitutional actions, gave the Republican Party unprecedented majorities in both the House and Senate.  They squandered the mandate completely.  John The House Crier and Mitch McConnell took on the role of Congressional Capitulators to Obama's agenda funding every single department, agency and unconstitutional executive order.  Paul Ryan has continued John Boehner's legacy of capitulation.  These men are traitors to the Republic and the Constitution.

On to 2016!  The choices this year were clear, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.  Both outsiders, and both actively fought the Establishment.  Both hated.  However, only one of these two would be able to win in November ---- RAND PAUL! Ted Cruz? His Super Pac's were packed with religious right wing extremists.  Dan Wilks, for example, a billionaire gave $15,000,000 to Cruz Super Pac Keep the Promise I. Who is Dan Wilks, and what is it that he and his fanatical friends want from politicians? 

Loyalty and a commitment to establish Christianity as a curriculum in our public school system at tax payer expense with the Bible established as an official state sponsored text book.  For this reason, Ted Cruz is, and was, UNELECTABLE.  

Unfortunately for Rand Paul, Donald Trump is running for President in 2016.  Trump is a phenomena and Rand Paul dropped out of the race after the first primary.  He never had the war chest to fight.  He would have had to be much higher in the polls and had a better showing in Iowa.  

This brings us to the end of May 2016.  Donald Trump has enough delegates to be nominated on the 1st ballot at the Republican Convention despite a very difficult primary election season where he secured more votes than any other candidate in Republican primary history.  By all accounts he should defeat Hillary handily in November.  Democrat turn out is down by 25% and Republican turn out is up by nearly 70% signaling a shift in the mood of the electorate in favor of the GOP.  Trump has been hammered relentlessly by both the left and the right and yet is still standing tall.

It is said that Donald Trump is nothing more than a false conservative and actually a liberal Democrat.  Yet, he has steadfastly stated that he will secure our borders, build a border wall, and uphold immigration law.  For these things alone, unlike 2008 and 2012, I will be casting my vote for Donald Trump.  Another major consideration is that the next President will be nominating at least 1, but possibly up to 4 Supreme Court justices.  If Donald Trump is lying the country is doomed, if Hillary Clinton wins the country is doomed.

The choice is crystal clear.  All American Patriots must stand firm and united on election day in support of Donald J. Trump.  There will be time in the future to change and reshape the Republican Party back into that which was envisioned by the Founding Fathers.  Rand Paul in 2020 or 2024!

Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25th Update

March 25th, 2016 Presidential Update and State of the Union

Bottom Line Up Front? I am on the Trump Train! I took a hiatus from blogging after America failed to see the greatness of Rand Paul's policies.  But hey, maybe what really is needed today is a political wrecking ball like Donald Trump!  I believe that the Donald means what he says and he doesn't hold back his feelings.  Donald's messages to the American people are heavily coated with how he feels and I think that resonates with a lot of us.  Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes me cringe and I bet his family does too.  But he is a wrecking ball!  I love that about him.  One of the reasons why I am not buying into the media hype about Donald is that he has so many good people coming out to tell us that he is kind and charitable in his private life.  People like Judge Perrine, Judge Napolitano, and even Geraldo Rivera have come out and publicly praised Trump.

Our nation is in dire need of a leader.  Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan, but he brings the same sort of powerful charismatic leadership to the table albeit quite a bit more bombastic!

The so-called GOP Establishment is doing everything in its power to prevent Trump from crossing the finish line (1237).  These disgusting power-mongering false conservatives will do anything to stop Trump.  I fear that anything means anything!  These RINOs are now cozying up and endorsing Ted (who by the way is a total disgrace, more to follow on that later).  Trump currently enjoys a commanding lead in delegates and by my projections should cross the finish line, or he will be very close (around 1200).  If he fails to cross the finish line he's toast because the Establishment is packing the convention with RINOs who will vote for a RINO on the second and subsequent ballots. Poor Ted will be sent packing back to the kiddie table if he is successful in stopping Trump and the RINOs will coronate Jeb.

Note; It is also quite possible that the RINO Establishment may even go as far as changing the rules with respect to not only achieving greater than 1237, but they might say require anyone who received 1237 delegates or more to have one by >50% in x-number of states.  If they do this that would release a large majority of the delegates on the very first ballot going in.  These guys have lost their credibility and they are fighting for their political lives to remain relevant (can you say relevant so that the special interest money keeps flowing to their own accounts?!).

As far as 1237 goes, if Trump wins CA with 50% or more it's over.  

Let's talk about Conservatism!  So many RINOs talk about conservatism, limited government, balancing the budget and taking back America.  Do they really mean it, or are they full of (fill in the blank).

Daddy Bush gave us the "Read My Lips" pledge.  Conservative? No way.

Baby Bush gave us Iraq.  He also gave us a huge expansion in the Medicare Pharmacy program.  His lack of leadership and oversight of Fannie & Freddie was a disaster for this nation.  These RINOs supported the Fair Housing Act that forced banks to pour billions into sub-prime markets.  Then these banks sold the bad paper to Fannie & Freddie.  In the end it is the American tax payer who had to pay the bill when Bush supported TARP. NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

John McCain?  Opposed the Bush Tax Cuts and is a Globalist War Monger who is intent on going after Russia and Putin around the globe.  Not only is McCain NOT A CONSERVATIVE, he's a very dangerous individual who needs to be put out to pasture (along with his pal Lindsay Graham).

Mitt "Mittens" Romney?  Don't get me started on this Loser.  The Loser to the Loser of the 2008 election was dusted off by the party hacks and sent back into the fray in 2012 where his weak and feckless debating skills were horribly exposed by Barack Hussein Obama.  Loser of the 2012 election!  Not only this but he is NOT A CONSERVATIVE.  He wears the mantel of ROMNEY-CARE in MA for which is proud.  Romney-Care was a temporary success because the federal government granted his state of MA hundreds of millions of dollars to keep it afloat on the backs of tax payers across all of America.  Additionally, he is also a son of a rich politician.  His wealth comes from leveraged buyouts of companies where he put people out of work during his time at BAIN Capital.

Jeb Bush? NOT A CONSERVATIVE.  Jeb refused to have his last name in his campaign strategy and rightfully so because the Bush legacy is a disgrace to America and a disgrace to conservative values. Jeb says that our acceptance and support for people who are here illegally is an "Act of Love".  To the contrary Jeb!  The unconstitutional support of illegal immigration is an "Act of Hate" against those poor who are here in the country LEGALLY you moron.  Your Common Core is a disaster.  You and your family had to be smoking some heavy weed if you thought that America was ready for another Bush in the White House.  Never Again Bush!  I think we need a twitter feed #NeverBush!

John The House Crier Boehner?  NOT A CONSERVATIVE.  Despite being given unprecedented majorities in the House and Senate the Congressional leadership has failed to do anything for conservative values.  The debt has exploded, omnibus budgets have passed, Obama has a free hand in TPP/TPA, Nuclear Deal with Iran, Energy Sector a disaster, massive regulations including the Internet piece........just too much to even post here.  

Mitch The Capitulator McConnell? NOT A CONSERVATIVE (see same comments as John The House Crier above).

Paul Ryan? NOT A CONSERVATIVE.  Not only is Paul Ryan not a conservative, he's a loser. He tied his political future to Mittens who crashed and burned in 2012.  His policies toward Health Care and Social Security are not workable and he is just as responsible for the exploding debt and expanding government as the rest of his RINO brethren.

John Kasich has won 1 state and hasn't even come close in any other state contest.  Where is he getting donations from to stay in this race?  Who bets on a horse that consistently is bringing up the rear?  I don't get it.  In any case, John Kasich is not a conservative!  This is a guy who greatly expanded Medicaid in his state of Ohio.  John Kasich opposed "right to work" legislation in deference to powerful unions (sounds like a Democrat).  Don't be fooled when a liar like Kasich says he is a conservative one minute and then talks about big government top down programs like Common Core, which has been a disaster. The most damaging and ludicrous statement he has made is that he is totally stoked that the Commie Chinese are building and owning manufacturing plants in Ohio! Really John? Commies?  We have to rely on the Commies to get our jobs back?  And where the hell was the mainstream media on this?  Are they in the tank too?  Note; Just this month the Communist Chinese purchased the Hotel del Coronado, a historical and beautiful hotel in the San Diego area, and they are buying billions of dollars worth of property and businesses across the USA with the trade surplus they are enjoying on the backs of their own slave labor!

We have an annual $500 BILLION deficit with the Communist Chinese.  Does anyone actually think that the Chinese workers are benefiting from this trade surplus?  Where is our moral compass?  The Chinese workers who are providing Americans with cheap goods are being paid slave wages while their government devalues their currency.  You can be assured that the only people benefiting in China are the Political Tyrants and their families in the Political Dictatorship.  It is truly unbelievable how politicians on both sides of the aisle have sold American wealth and blood down the toilet for their own personal gain.  Shame on every single one of you politicians!  We should be giving favored trade status to countries that like us and who treat their own citizens with respect and dignity.  That's what conservatism, liberty, and freedom is all about!  JOHN KASICH REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

Ted The Disgrace Cruz.  This guy has fought the GOP Establishment in Congress.  You have to give him some credit there.  However, once you take a deep dive into this guy you begin to scratch your head.  He has some very strange personal relationships and an almost fanatical zeal for religion that goes beyond the restrictions in our Constitution.  We do in fact have Freedom of Religion in the USA, however we accept all forms of religion and cannot and should not recognize any one over the other.  Yes, I know, our nation was formed by people who were 99.9% Christian and Christianity is a part of our history and heritage. This should be celebrated, and is.  However, one only needs to look into the $15,000,000 Donor to Keep the Promise I, Dan Wilks, in order to get a more clear picture of the real Ted Cruz.  Dan Wilks buys politicians.  He is a religious fanatic who wants the Bible and Christianity to be a government sponsored text book and mandatory curriculum in all public classrooms in America.  That, my friends, is Unconstitutional.  Let's not get into the dirty tricks that Ted has played on Ben Carson and Marco Rubio during the primary.  Let's not talk about Cruz Super Pacs putting out ads in Utah with Trump's wife centerfold strictly for political gain!  This guy will do anything and allow anything to be said in order to win.  No, I cannot stand Lying Ted.  Lying and Cheating Ted.  Yep, the sexual scandals have hit the air waves.  Turns out that Saint Ted is just as human as can be.  You can talk about Trump's wives if you want to, go ahead.  But from the looks of things he has his life straightened out and he has a great family!

This WND Cruz supporter sums up exactly why I am voting for Donald Trump in the CA primary (by the way I am going to join millions of others who are fleeing the land of fruits and nuts and will be moving to NV, probably before the General Election! So congratulate me on that!).

Lastly, this is my last GOP rodeo.  Right after I cast my vote for Donald Trump in the CA primary I will be shredding my Republican Membership.  I can no longer be party to the RINO globalist progressive agenda and the dirty money that these political elites are getting from Communist Countries and big business donors.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


ObamaCare penalties are really nothing more than a tax on the middle class.  Why do I say this? 

     - First, the rich will not be impacted much by Obama Care.  What's a few more thousand dollars to them for higher premiums?  Besides they will get the health care they need whether it is in America or outside of our borders.

     - Secondly, middle class wage earners will not qualify for medicaid and if they do not purchase health insurance (which many are still not doing), they will pay the IRS a fine, (or is it a tax, or a fee?  Who knows, the Democrats say it wasn't a tax, but the Supreme Court said it was a tax, whose right?). This law was passed several years ago yet the penalties do not get heavy handed until 2016.  Duh, that wasn't a political consideration!  The hope being that the middle class would remain ignorant until after the 2016 elections in order to ensure the continuing drive towards the destruction of the private sector.  When ObamaCare finally implodes there will be a huge fight for single payer versus a complete common sense and realistic overhaul of our laws and regulations that impact the industry.  Will we get it right this time or continue down the paths of extremism on both sides of the aisle? Time will tell.  Here are the huge penalties that will further erode our middle class beginning April 2017 when everyone files their 2016 returns..............

The number of uninsured has come down from around 18% to about 10% of Americans. However, there are still millions out there who say that they cannot afford it, or do not want it.  Sixty (60%) percent of those who are still uninsured say they cannot afford it even with the government subsidies available under HUSSEIN-SCOTUS-CARE.  In 2017, Americans will feel the HEAVY JACK-BOOT of government directly on their financial necks!  YOU WILL COMPLY WITH YOUR ALL POWERFUL GOVERNMENT BECAUSE WE KNOW BEST! See 2016 tax year penalties below the graph.  61% of adults who do not have health insurance cannot afford it!  So we will make you!
2016: The worst year yet for Obamacare penalties
The penalties reach their worst next year, with huge increases coming once again. The per-person charge in 2016 jumps to $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, topping out at a whopping $2,085 per family. The income-based penalty rises to 2.5%.
After that, increases will be more modest. The amount of the Obamacare penalty in 2017 and thereafter will be indexed to the Consumer Price Index, with maximums gradually rising over time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9-17-2015 Update (Debate Results)

CNN's moderation of this "debate" was a joke.  They steered this debate into a GOP bloodbath.  The only winner coming out of this debate is going to be the eventual Democratic nominee thanks to CNN. In any case, after sorting through the CNN created drama >>>>>

Carly Fiorina - very articulate, professional and knowledgeable about the issues. Her ability to beat a Democrat in the General Election is also a plus, especially if Hillary is the eventual nominee instead of going to prison.  Her policies are sound and being a woman she would draw in a lot of cross over women from the Democratic Party who realize that extreme leftist policies are bad for the country.

Ben Carson - who doesn't like Ben? Not only is he conservative but he brings a calmness to the stage. Every American knows that Ben would be a true uniter of Americans unlike the Divider in the White House that we have today. His ability to defeat any Democratic nominee is also a big plus.  His positions are solid but he would also draw in racial minorities who were left behind by the current President who values those who come here illegally more than actual poor citizens who are struggling.

Rand Paul - who doesn't like freedom, liberty, and the Constitution?  All the career politicians on the stage, with the exception of Ted Cruz are for big government and support a top down federal approach to national issues rather than leaving them to the local states and cities.  Rand Paul, and his father, have long been a promoter of the Constitution and States Rights.  Rand's liberal approach toward the drug war and his policies on the middle east are controversial to the GOP Establishment.  For this reason Rand Paul is better positioned to defeat the eventual Democratic nominee.  Rand has unequivocally stated that he will defend Israel, maintain a strong military and defend this nation.  The GOP Establishment has painted these policies as "radical" because they still believe in the Cold War, American Intervention, and a top down approach toward solving every problem.  RAND CAN WIN.  HIS FATHER WAS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT COULD HAVE DEFEATED OBAMA IN 2012.

Donald Trump - this guy is rude and bombastic. Like Ben Carson, he is not as up to speed on national and world issues.  People either love him or hate him.  He is an attack dog.  If Joe Biden enters the race we will need a guy like Trump who is a true pit bull to get in the ring and fight for us.  I am not a big fan, but if push came to shove and he actually wins the nomination I will be hard pressed to vote my conscience (RAND PAUL) and just might pull the lever for The Donald over any Democrat. The Donald will definitely divide the country in the election but I believe the so called Silent Majority would put him over the top with a victory - and that is all I really care about.  This country cannot survive another term of Democratic rule.

Marco Rubio - I think this guy is really smart.  He has JFK-like good looks and he brings a youthful freshness to the election that we have not seen since 1960.  While I do not like his approach on the middle east, he has a firm grasp of all the issues.  I also do not like the fact that he is firmly in the McConnell camp.  However, he most definitely can deliver latino voters, more so than Jeb.  Marco's good looks, his approach, his intelligence and his youth are all major positives.  He will make the Democratic nominee look like an old fart regardless of whether it is Clinton, Sanders or Biden.  I could live with a Rubio Presidency.  Very likable and I think he would be good for the country if he would cut his ties with the RINO establishment.  HE CAN WIN.

Chris Christie - Did a much better job tonight than last time.  HE CANNOT WIN, so it does not matter that he did a good job.  Another older white guy plus Bridge-Gate.

Ted Cruz - Ted may just be the most intelligent guy on the stage.  He is anti-establishment just like Rand Paul.  However, he has very hawkish opinions on the middle east and that will ultimately scare off the electorate.  He also comes across as stiff and rehearsed during the debate, which further detracts from his other great positions like adhering to the Constitution.  For many reasons, HE CANNOT WIN.  I would like him to stay in the Senate and eventually become the majority leader.

John Kasich - I really like this guy a lot.  However, he did not break out.  He doesn't get enough coverage.  Lastly, HE CANNOT WIN.  He is an old white guy.  Fuggetaboudit.  I may not see another old white guy in the White House in my lifetime.

Scott Walker - Did a great job in Wisconsin.  Demonized by the Democrats and the media for years.  HE CANNOT WIN.

Mike Huckabee - Nice guy, nice family man. Doesn't have a chance to win.

Jeb Bush - Trump was right - Jeb is low energy, very low.  The Bush name has been dragged through the mud so much in the past 10 years that there is NO WAY HE CAN WIN.  Mike Huckabee has a better chance of winning than Jeb, and Mike's chances are about as close to zero that you can get.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Election 2016 Update (Obama and World War III)

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT (BLUF).  The Communist Party of the United States is alive and well and has amassed quite a few number of Congressional Seats in both our House of Representatives and Senate. Indeed Obama and Clinton are both closet Communists who admire Saul Alinksy and have applied well the Rules for Radicals.  Lastly, I believe we are already seeing a slow boiling start of World War III, which could be the final confrontation between the powers of Freedom, Democracy and Republicanism and the Forces of Communism.  This war, which without a doubt is already underway, will see genocide and death on a scale that will dwarf the numbers of dead and wounded experienced in the last century during World Wars I and II.  

This update is a timely analysis of the so-called Iranian deal, but more importantly I am writing because I believe that the next 14 months or so of Obama's term will be the most dangerous in America's history since our own revolution and civil war.  The next 14 months will be the most dangerous in the history of the world since Germany invaded Poland.  Here's why:

Iran is indeed a rogue terror state, a theocracy based on a warped sense of worldwide religious dominance which will commit genocide in order to advance and expand itself. But let's not be stupid, Iran is also just as much a proxy of Russia as Syria is. China is a new partner of Russia and both countries are encouraged and motivated by weak American leadership to once again believe that they can export and expand communism throughout the world. Indeed, it is well known that Barack Obama is sympathetic to communism, but so too is Hillary Clinton a big fan of Saul Alinsky. There is a huge delegation of Democrats who are also closet members of the CPUSA!
As we can readily see our Senate is infected by communists who are so strong in numbers as to ensure that any legislation threatening the communist movement abroad can be blocked by filibuster. These Democrats are either unwittingly naive or are outright communist sympathizers themselves.
What set the stage for this madness? George W. Bush and his stupid invasion and toppling of Saddam Hussein and the undermining of our own proxy Muslim leaders in Egypt as well as Iraq. Yemen has recently fallen, probably to the delight of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Bush himself ensured the toppling of Saddam, a regime that provided a counter-weight to Iran in the region.
I view the Iranian Deal as meaningless because eventually there will be wider all out war in the middle east. Russia is moving west and has subsumed the Crimea. Ukraine is next. Iran has taken possession of Iraq and is struggling to maintain its foothold in Yemen. Iran controls the terror groups Hamas and Hezzbollah. Iran QUDS forces are active in Syria and are currently launching rockets as I type this into Israel.
Anyone who believes that WW III hasn't already started is fooling themselves. World War III isn't going to kick off like the first world war, or with a similar attack on Pearl Harbor like in WW II. World War III started decades ago and has been slowly boiling to all out war. All out war won't even start with Russia's taking of the Ukraine but that will be a big test of western resolve.
I believe that we will finally realize that we are at war when China moves on Taiwan and North Korea moves on South Korea. At that point America will have to make a choice to either retreat and protect, or to meet the challenge head on and stop it before it becomes a true threat to our homeland. I firmly believe that this attack will occur within Obama's term and more than likely will not begin later than the spring of 2016.  Who hasn't heard that Chinese have operated their Navy aggressively within the 12 mile limit off the coast of Alaska?  Who isn't aware that the Russians and Chinese are operating their Navy ships out of bases in Cuba and Venezuela?  Who hasn't heard that Russian spy ships are once again now trolling off the coast of Georgia near our submarine base in Kings Bay or off the west coast where our fleet is based in Bangor WA?
Make no mistake, the west is scared to death.  The UK, France, Germany and other western nations have see America's weakness and lack of resolve to be a world leader of freedom.  They are capitulating to the desires of Russia.  Scary times indeed!
Obama's threat to Assad, his so-called red line threat of military action if chemical weapons were used held no weight. He caved like a cheap suit. His weakness and lack of response in Syria, Yemen, and indeed Iraq is going to make the next 14 months of his term the most dangerous for the world and to America since our own revolution and civil war.  Saudi Arabia is ramping up its own defenses and other Muslim nations in the middle east are swiftly moving to ramp up its own military, including nuclear weapons capability.  Egypt moved quickly to depose the Muslim Brotherhood else it too would already be in the sphere of Russian and Iranian influence.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Election 2016 Update 02-SEP-2015 (SAME OLD RNC)

2015-2016 RNC - SAME AS THE 2011-2012 RNC?

The RNC, and the big donors that they represent are shaking in their boots as Americans are turning up their noses at RINOs like Jeb.  Jeb, too embarrassed to even use his own last name in his marketing marquee!

If you donate to the national RNC - STOP.  You should no longer donate to the national or local Republican Party because they only represent special interests.  You should donate directly to the campaign of your candidate only (Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson).  If you desire to continue the mistakes of the past then vote for a RINO. If you want to see the destruction of the country then vote for a Democrat or that Independent self-avowed Socialist Sanders.  However, if you love America, the Republic and the Constitution you should vote for one of the above regardless of who wins the Republican Nomination.  It is my sincere hope that all conservatives will shred their GOP membership if the RNC pulls the same shenanigans that it did in 2012.

Just to refresh those who have forgotten, or to those who did not hear what the National RNC did to Ron Paul in 2012 at the convention.......(as provided by Alexander Snitker and Kristi Brown (Facebook) who was at the convention:

1. The RNC illegally removed duly elected Maine delegates and replaced them with Romney "scab" delegates.
2. Stole delegates from Louisiana, Oklahoma and Massachusetts because they would not vote Romney.
3. Indefinitely detained Ron Paul delegates on buses using armed guards to delay and prevent them from voting on rules in the convention.
4. Indefinitely detained Morton Blackwell on a bus preventing him from filing a minority report opposing new oppressive rule changes designed to marginalize Ron Paul.
5. Drove Virginia rules committee chairmen in circles around the convention center to prevent them from voting on rules thus allowing the RNC to vote in their stead.
6. Refused to acknowledge nomination papers from six states where a five state minimum was required
7. Changed RNC rules on the spot from five state minimum to eight state minimum when they realized Ron Paul would be nominated in order to ensure that Ron would not be able to challenge or oppose Mitt.
8. Denied Ron Paul a floor speech prior to the vote unless he first endorsed Romney.
9. Declared unbound Ron Paul supporters as bound votes for Romney
10. Boehner ignored clear opposition to the rules vote that would prevent a Maine delegation from being seated.
11. Turned off microphones in the Ron Paul delegate section to prevent "division" or "point of order" calls from being heard even after 10 minutes of booing in protest.
12. Seated Ron Paul delegates in the nose bleed section to prevent them from being heard BEHIND territory delegates.
13. Passed rules allowing the RNC committee to choose and approve delegates rather than the states.
14. Refused video equipment in the convention center to allow undocumented cheating.
15. Ron Paul delegates were not allowed to bring signs, but Romney supporters were.
16. Cut off microphones anytime delegates cheered for Ron Paul
17. Called out votes for Romney as Romney votes, but called out Ron Paul as "other".
18. When Ron Paul won the majority of delegates in Iowa ,Nevada and Minnesota, they only called out the few minority votes for Romney.